Safety+ evacuation reports

Nothing is more important than the safety of everyone on site and efficient evacuations can save lives. With Safety+ by Sign In App, no one is left behind.

Ensure the safety of visitors and staff

Whether it’s a fire drill or a real life emergency, ensuring your evacuation report is an accurate reflection of everyone on site is critically important. By signing everyone in via Sign In App, you will always have a real-time, accurate and powerful evacuation report on-hand when you need it the most.

Fast and efficient evacuations

Speed and accuracy is key when conducting an efficient evacuation. Safety+ evacuation reports can be generated from any device including our companion app for smartphones. No more printing evacuation lists, or collecting manual visitor books and timesheets. Conduct a roll call, time the evacuation and work together to account for everyone on site.

Updated in real-time

With the introduction of Safety+, evacuation reports are now updated and shared across all devices in real-time. Join or start an evacuation report and work with colleagues and fire marshals to ensure everyone is safe. Reports on all devices are updated as soon as each person is accounted for, marked as missing or a new comment is added.

Manage evacuation points

Evacuation points allow you to group people together on your evacuation report for more efficient roll calls. Each site can have unlimited evacuation points and you can assign groups and individuals to each point. The roll call can easily be filtered by evacuation point, helping you easily manage evacuations over larger sites.

Review past evacuations

Another new addition as part of Safety+ is the ability to review historical evacuation reports in your Sign In App online portal. Review a summary of who was accounted for, the time the evacuation took and any comments added by participants. By analysing past data you have the information you need to make changes and streamline future evacuations.

Safety+ as standard

Safety+ redefines site safety for schools and businesses and is included in your site subscription at no extra cost. Use our smart tools to ensure the safety of everyone on-site. In addition to Safety+ evacuation reports, learn more about Safety Check which can help you manage entry requirements and comply with the latest safety regulations and guidance.

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