Sign In App


Sign In App allows you to create tailored questions, helping you streamline the sign in process for various visitor types. These can reduce the sign in time and manage the onboarding process.

Custom questions

Select from eight different types of custom field and ask your guests any questions you need to. For example, add Yes/No questions to your questionnaire to quickly collect important information. The data is then stored against your visitor’s record along with any other documentation that is required such as health & safety policies and work permits.

The custom fields screen on the portal

Tailor for each group type

Questionnaires can be customised for each group type. Simply select the group you’d like to present the questions to when setting up the custom field. By ensuring you only collect the data you need, you can both speed up the sign in process and comply with data protection legislation.

Custom field set up screen

Improve health and safety

If you require guests to fill out health questionnaires when they visit, Sign In App allows you to replace outdated paper processes, making it simple for guests to complete and easy to keep an up to date record. Depending on the group type you select, you can ask the same questions on each sign in, or remember their answers across visits.

A lady wearing a mask while working at a desk

Notify team members

Let your host or team know when certain answers are provided, allowing you to quickly act on the information captured during the sign in process.

Covid question popup linked by a dashed line to a visitor photo

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