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Badge printing

Visitor badges are an inexpensive way to confirm every guest is who they say they are. Add your logo and choose from a range of templates.

iPad showing the visitor photo capture screen next to a visitor details popout that utilises the visitor's photo
Demonstration of the visitor photo capture element of the Sign In App

Improve site security

Connect a compatible Brother printer for simple and fast visitor badge printing as your guests sign in. The printer works wirelessly and only takes a few seconds to print each badge. Improve site security by making sure each guest has a printed pass with all their details and photo on them at all times.

Examples of printed visitor badge styles that utilise the visitor's photo

Customise to suit

Choose from a range of badge templates or design your own bespoke layout. Each template includes your logo, the visitor’s name and additional fields, plus the date they signed in and visitor group. Badges can be printed and inserted into clip-on badge holders or lanyards, or printed onto sticky labels if you prefer.

A portal page that utilises visitor photos demonstrated in a browser window

Highlight key information

Badge templates can be tailored to suit your requirements. If you need to draw attention to particular elements, to make them stand out or be easily readable from a distance, you can show them larger, in a black box or highlight them in red (on selected printers and labels).

Pull out of the 'Visitor Photos' toggle on the Sign In App portal

Supported printers

We support Brother QL wireless printers. These printers are fast, reliable and cheap to run thermal printers that print in black and white. Our recommended model is the Brother QL-820NWB which is supplied as part of our full package. The 820NWB includes ethernet, wifi and bluetooth connection options. It also supports special media that can print in red.


Ethernet, wifi, airprint or bluetooth

Choose the connection method that best suits your reception and network setup. Bluetooth is a simple option that suits most receptions with only one iPad. Wifi works best when you have a reliable internet connection and static IP address for the printer and is the fastest print option. The printer must be on the same network as the iPad.