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Hallo. Bonjour. Hej. Greet your visitors in their native language.

A multilingual welcome

The Sign In App portal, iPad app, companion app and Sign In App Contactless are available in a variety of languages, so you can be sure that visitors and staff have the best experience possible with the app on arrival every time.

Translations by native speakers

We made the decision to use native speakers for our translations to ensure there are no odd phrases or words used incorrectly. This guarantees the same high quality and professional service no matter which language your visitor selects.

Language choice

You can set a 'base' language for both the portal and iPad app whilst still providing the option for users to easily switch to their native tongue. This means that no matter their preferred language, staff members and visitors can easily use the system.

Global reach

Sign In App helps you manage multiple sites across different time zones, so you can pre-register or set notifications without needing to find out the time difference between two offices. The portal will automatically adjust and display times based on your local time zone.