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Staff sign in

Transform the staff sign in experience, safeguarding employees in the event of an emergency and measuring staff attendance and hours.

iPad showing the staff grid screen in the Sign In App

Fast and simple

Staff can sign in using your visitor iPad on reception, or connect multiple iPads at each entry point under the same site subscription (all entry points must be located within the same postcode). With just a few taps or a scan of your QR code, it's never been quicker or easier for staff to sign in.

iPad inside a Bouncepad counter displaying the staff sign in screen of the Sign In App

Scan in with QR codes

Sign In App supports QR codes and barcodes, allowing staff to quickly scan in and out. Existing QR codes or barcodes can easily be assigned to staff members, while Sign In App Companion for iPhone and Android puts your QR code in your pocket at all times making it impossible to forget.

Android phone showing the Sign In App Companion App dashboard screen with staff QR code, next to a staff badge with a standard barcode

Ensure staff safety

Knowing exactly who’s on site in the event of an emergency can be critical. Often fire drills and roll calls rely on separate printed holiday lists, sickness records and even the memory of colleagues if a staff member is out on an appointment. As staff sign in each time they enter or leave the building, Sign In App gives you a complete and accurate view of who is in your building at all times.

iPhone showing the firelist screen of the Sign In App Companion App

Import staff from CSV

Maintaining your staff list is easy. When you start using Sign In App you can simply import a CSV of your staff through the online portal. New staff members can be added either from the portal or when they sign into the iPad itself during onboarding.

Example of a staff import CSV and popout of the upload form from the Sign In App portal

Manage multiple sites

Sign In App gives you the option of maintaining one central staff list across all of your sites, making it easy for staff to move between sites. At any time you can see which sites each staff member is signed into, and if you want to restrict individuals to only working at one site, this is an option too.

Popout of the site selection screen on the Sign In App portal

Monitor working hours

It’s important to keep track of the hours your employees work and Sign In App makes this easier than ever. As your staff sign in and out, we build a central picture of their work hours and arrival times, giving your HR and finance teams all the information they need at the click of a button.

Visitor details from the Sign In App portal showing a staff member's sign in and out times