Why automation is the future of digital transformation

Over the past 18 months, organisations of all sizes in all different sectors have been going through digital transformations to help them adapt, survive and, in some cases, expand. If we reflect back to our predictions before the pandemic compared to now, the business tech space has seen some significant changes.

Our priorities as a population have changed, and so innovations in technology have evolved to keep up with this. It's no longer about having the latest trendy piece of tech; the focus is now on how relevant technology is and the benefits and impact it can bring to your business, your employees and your customers. Organisations are looking for ways to become even more flexible, improve productivity and become as agile as possible, which is why they’re turning to automation.

Automation isn’t a new concept, but the rapid development of technology and software in the internet age has accelerated its uptake across all industries. We truly believe that automation will transform businesses of the future; the more processes we can automate with technology, the better. Automation allows organisations to be more productive and agile, enabling them to expand and grow at a rapid pace. Some may say automation has been the biggest factor for new tech innovations, and we wouldn’t argue that. A report from RedHat stated that 49% of businesses surveyed were looking to invest in additional automation software. New innovations and developments for automation tools are continuously evolving, and below are just a few reasons why.

Improved efficiency and workforce productivity

In the same survey mentioned above, just under 50% of businesses reported improved employee productivity as one of the business benefits of automation. Automating mundane tasks allows your team to free up time for other areas of their job. Let’s take staff timesheets as an example. Rather than calculating employee hours into a spreadsheet, it’s a lot easier and more efficient to have a tool that automates this process for you. Less time spent on tasks like this allows employees to better their skills and become more productive with their role.

Higher profitability

For commercial businesses, efficiency + productivity = profits. With your employees having more time to be productive in other areas of their job role, overall business efficiency will improve and there can be a higher focus on tasks that will improve your profitability. Sure, you’ll have to invest some budget in automation tools, but the long-term effects will be worth it. 37% of businesses in the earlier stated report said that automation increased business efficiencies and 49% reported increased product revenue.

It’s what customers expect

Expectations from customers have changed. Consumers expect everything to be quick, easy and convenient… and we mean everything. It could be same day delivery on an online order, the sign in process when they visit somewhere, or customer support when they’re enquiring or complaining to a company. As part of their digital transformations, organisations are turning to automation tools to allow them to serve the expectations of their customers.

Improved security

Whether it’s improving physical security by identifying a risk and triggering a notification alert, or enhancing data security by automatically storing personal data and destroying it after a given time period, automation can improve security in a number of different ways - also allowing you to easily comply with legal regulations and company policies.

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