The future of workplace management solutions

If we look back to a few years ago, visitor management systems were simply about replacing paper sign in processes. Fast forward to 2023 and the VMS space has come a long way. Visitor management has evolved along with the demands of the modern workforce; organizations are no longer just looking to replace visitor books.

The distributed workforce is here. In fact, 60% of CX and IT leaders surveyed in a report by 8x8 stated that they believe the workforce will be predominantly hybrid by 2030, with over 50% saying work-from-anywhere options should be available to every employee whose role allows it. We’re seeing organizations, big and small, trying to navigate a new world of working where being flexible and agile is key and safety is at the top of everyone’s agenda.

In 2023 and beyond, the workplace could be anywhere - the office, at home, a local coffee shop. So when we look at the future of workplace management solutions, organizations need to think about the experience beyond a physical fixed site. They need solutions that enable them to elevate the visitor experience, reduce risk and engage employees in the distributed workforce. They need tools that allow them to look ahead, adapt quickly to change and always be prepared for unexpected challenges. But they also want these tools to be under one solution; that’s where visitor management now becomes workplace management.

The next generation of workplace management solutions

The Sign In Solutions VM 2.0 vision is redefining safety and risk mitigation in the workplace with the next generation of workplace management solutions. VM 2.0 goes beyond visitor management and looks at streamlining and modernizing the workplace experience beyond physical thresholds; giving organisations the intuitive technology they need to guarantee safer environments and keep remote and hybrid workforces effortlessly organised and running smoothly.

Flexible tools built for the modern, distributed workforce

At Sign In App, we understand that our community is looking for a partner that is looking ahead. Through our partnerships with brands across Sign In Solutions that complement our core visitor management offering, we’re enabling our community to continue adapting the challenges of the ever-changing workplace as we build on the VM 2.0 vision.

If you’d like to learn more about how Sign In App can transform health and safety in your organisation and manage the demands of the changing workplace, get in touch with or friendly customer experience team to arrange a demo. Find all of the ways to contact us here.