How to improve your visitor experience in 2022

After two long years, visitors are finally back! But after so long, it’s easy to forget how important the visitor experience is - particularly when many organisations have been placing their focus on their employees’ return to work experience over recent months. The experience you provide to guests when they visit your building speaks volumes for your overall brand image; in some circumstances, it could make or break future relationships with prospects.

So to help you out, below are some of our top tips to help you improve your visitor experience in 2022.

Refresh your lobby space

Does your lobby still look exactly the same as it did pre-pandemic? It’s time to give it a refresh. To improve the visitor experience, you want to create a space that feels welcoming. Give it a new lick of paint, bring it to life with plants and greenery or add some brightness with pops of colour. If you have the space, create a comfortable seating area for your guests to use while they wait and provide things for them to do whether that’s offering free WiFi or putting some magazines on the coffee table.

Ensure your welcome area is clean and tidy

Once you’ve given your lobby area a refresh, ensure it’s always kept clean and tidy. Minimize clutter by getting rid of things you don’t need or get some storage to ensure the space stays tidy. While we may be coming out of the other side of the pandemic, sanitising stations are still a top priority for many, so ensure you still have hand sanitiser on display for visitors to use.

Make your sign in process digital

If you haven’t switched your visitor sign in process for a digital solution yet, now is your time to. Visitor management systems have been around for years but gained particular popularity over the last two years to reduce social contact and streamline health and safety processes. With contactless sign in solutions also included, a visitor management app makes the visitor sign in experience seamless by allowing your guests to sign in straight from their personal smartphone and eliminating bottlenecks.

Here’s a few other ways a visitor management system can improve visitor experience in 2022…

Pre-register visitors

Start providing a great visitor experience before they even walk through the door. Not only can a visitor management system improve the visitor experience on site, you may also be able to pre-register your guests. Pre-registering visitors allows you to send an email with a QR code they can use to sign in on site, or they may be able to sign in from their phone. You may also be able to send important site information and collect any health and safety details you require before they visit - saving time on the day.

Send notifications to hosts

If you’re looking to improve visitor experience, you don’t want to keep your guests waiting around. In large organisations especially, it can often take a while to find the person they’re visiting which can leave them waiting in your lobby area for quite some time. With a visitor management system, you can automatically send a notification to the host when their visitor sign ins via SMS, email or Slack.

Digitise health questionnaires and policies

As mentioned earlier, visitor management systems have become extremely popular for streamlining health and safety processes. Through digitising your visitor sign in proccess, guests can fill in health questionnaires, read important site information and agree to policies all through your sign in solution, whether they’re signing in on the tablet in your lobby area or with their smartphone.

Want to learn more about how a visitor management app can improve visitor experience in your organisation? Sign In App is a modern and enjoyable way to sign in visitors and employees. Get in touch with the team to find out more about how our solution can streamline your sign in process. Or if you’re ready to get started, you can try for free for 15 days - no credit card required.