Introducing Regions: Even more control over your data

We have always approached data management with the belief that a visitor management solution should empower our community to have total control of the data they collect from their visitors. The flexibility of Sign In App allows our customers to not only take the required information from a specific visitor type but also control how long the information is retained for per group. This allows you to manage the retention of data inline with your local or industry regulations.

As Sign In App has evolved into a global software solution, we understand that regulations differ from region to region; with different local requirements in place in regards to the storage of important/personal data. With our latest release of Regions, Sign In App not only allows you to have total control of the visitor information you collect and the retention period, but you can now select where your visitor information is stored. Our Regions update enables you to choose where your visitor data is securely stored, with an initial choice from one of our four data centres.

  • United Kingdom
  • European Union
  • United States
  • Australia

Our multinational customers can strategically select where they hold the data based on the locations of their global offices, and the update also gives our European customers reassurance about their data compliance with all of the uncertainty around Brexit.

To find out more about Regions, get in touch with the team by emailing Alternatively, you can jump on a live chat with our customer experience team by clicking here.