Improve visitor experience with a multilingual sign in process

We all want to ensure visitors and employees receive a great experience when coming onto site - their experience can speak volumes for your brand image. When considering how to improve visitor experience, a great place to start is ensuring a seamless sign in process.

Your sign in process for both visitors and employees should be quick to complete and accessible to all which is one of the reasons why digital sign in solutions have become so popular over recent years - particularly visitor management systems that support multiple languages. Offering your sign in process in a variety of languages is a sure-fire way to improve on-site experience for both visitors and employees; here’s a few reasons why…

Greet guests in their native language

When visitor management systems were first introduced, it was all about making a great first impression and that’s still relevant in today’s world. The perfect way to do that? Greet guests in their native language. Not only can you set a base language for your location, but to improve the sign in experience further, your visitors and employees may also be able to select an option to switch to their native tongue when signing in.

Make the sign in process more accessible

Further to the point above, by enabling guests and team members to switch to their native language when signing in, you’re making the sign in process more accessible by removing language barriers. This reduces the amount of time your receptionist may need to assist them signing in; resulting in a quicker and easier sign in experience.

Improve the experience for employees

Not only will your employees reap the same benefits as visitors when signing in, but a multilingual solution also improves the experience for any employee that manages your system. Whether that’s setting up the tablet or managing your site from an online portal, being able to switch to their preferred language will help to make processes easier to complete.

What to look for in a multilingual visitor management system

Translations by native speakers

The most important thing to look for when considering a multilingual visitor management system is to see whether the languages they support have been translated by native speakers. This ensures that there are no odd phrases or incorrect use of words and also guarantees that you offer the same high quality sign in experience no matter which language is selected.

Continuously adding new languages

Is the solution provider continuously adding new languages? Check things like social media posts and “what’s new” blogs to see if they’ve announced adding new languages. Alternatively, ask them directly. If it looks like they’re regularly adding new languages to a wide range of already existing languages, you can be confident that you’ll be able to continue improving the experience for more visitors and employees.

Global customer base

Do they already have customers across the globe? If organisations all over the world are utilising the solution already, particularly in countries where English may not be the native language or where there’s more than one national language, it’s a good sign that the multilingual experience has been positive for them.

If you’re looking for a visitor management system that’s easy to implement and is available in multiple languages, get in touch with the team to learn more about Sign In App. Our solutions are available in over 20 languages translated by native speakers and we’re regularly adding new languages.

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