Smart and safe visitor management

Keep your guests safe with one of the world’s leading smart and flexible visitor management systems.

Touch-free technology

There’s no longer a need for touch on shared devices. Contactless sign in is a secure and hygienic visitor management solution. Visitors can simply scan the dynamic QR code on the reception iPad and complete the full sign in process from their personal smartphone.

Smooth and safe evacuations

In the event of an emergency, it’s crucial to have an easily accessible, up-to-date evacuation list of everyone on site. Sign In App allows you to access your evacuation list anywhere, anytime, on any internet connected device. View shared evacuation lists, complete timed roll calls and generate reports.

Seamless health and safety

Replace outdated paper processes and make it simple for visitors to read and accept important notices & NDAs and complete health questionnaires. Customize for each visitor group and keep an accurate record in your online portal.

Total control of your data

Protecting data is one of the most important aspects of visitor management. Sign In App helps you balance holding critical information in the interests of safety and reporting, while respecting and maintaining the privacy of your guests. Choose the data you collect, where it's stored and the retention period.

Flexible tools included in your subscription

Messages, NDA’s and policies

Custom badges

Pre-register visitors


Custom data fields


More than just a visitor management system

Employee and contractor sign in

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Desk and meeting room booking

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