Introducing contactless sign in

The last two months may have been two of the busiest months for our development team, with the release of Sign In App V4 and adjusting to the new demands of the changing workplace. The situation has definitely brought the best out of our team - coming up with innovative ways to solve these new requirements we face within our places of work, while always challenging every step of the way to ensure we continue to provide the most flexible and secure experience to our Sign In App community

“Contactless Sign In” is a new phrase within the visitor management space, with all of us evaluating how we can introduce staff and visitors safely back into our buildings; along with some who’ve had no choice but to continue to manage a flow of staff, visitors and pupils throughout the period due to providing frontline services. It’s important to us that we can deliver tools to ensure the management of people on site is as seamless as possible.

Phase 1

Last month we delivered our first phase of contactless, allowing staff members and other regular visitors to sign in without touching the iPad. A simple scan of your QR to the iPad signs you in or out, in addition to the use of Sign In App Tap and mobile sign in. We know from feedback that this has proven very popular and we are hoping the next phase, which introduces contactless sign in for visitors will be as well received.

Phase 2

Our objective throughout delivering the contactless project is to ensure we keep the flexibility that Sign In App delivers; we didn’t want you to have to compromise on the information you could collect from your visitors. As part of our new update 4.0.5, contactless sign in replicates your custom fields, including your important health questions, and allows for rich content within messages, such as videos and signing documents. All of this can be completed securely directly from your visitor's smartphone.

The new addition allows you to enhance the safety that you provide for your visitors, avoiding bottlenecks and helping you maintain social distancing. Your visitors use their smartphone to scan the QR code from your reception iPad and their web browser will open up the sign in form so that they can then complete the sign in process away from other approaching guests. Contactless sign in continues to offer you all the security of the existing process, with the QR code changing frequently to ensure the code isn’t copied and then used again while offsite.

With these two phases delivered, staff and visitors will now be able to sign in and out in a safe and efficient way. The data can also prove vital in the carrying out of any contact tracing requirements, allowing you to review the history of the visits and who may have been in contact with people at the same time.

What’s next

Next week we’ll be releasing our third phase of contactless, introducing more options for signing in repeat visitors such as staff without using the companion app.

To start using contactless sign in for visitors, you simply just need to activate the feature in the portal and ensure that you have updated the app to the latest version 4.0.5. See more on how to do that here. As always, our customer experience team are all on hand to answer any questions so please reach out if you have any; you can find all the ways to get in touch with our team here.