Introducing Spaces

There are many great things about being in business, and one of those things is getting the opportunity to really immerse yourself in an industry. Whether that be engineering, education or even something really out of this world such as space exploration, you have the opportunity to become somewhat of an expert in your field.

Being in software is no different. At Sign In App our field is the workplace and our specialist subject is visitor management. We initially set out with the aim to replace the traditional paper visitor book with a digital solution, and then, like all sectors, the demands and requirements in our field have changed over time.

The workplace quickly evolved and so Sign In App had to evolve even more quickly into what is now a flexible visitor management and staff sign in solution which caters for all visitor types, such as contractors, students and even dogs ( yes, really… even dogs). The most substantial shift over the last three years has been the developments of our staff sign in capabilities. We now have over 200,000 staff and contractors using Sign In App to check-in on a daily basis for work, whether they’re on-site or working remotely.

The introduction of such high volumes of staff and regular visitors using Sign In App in their daily routines has given us valuable insight into the ever-changing demands of the workplace. From health screening and communicating important messages to restricting access, recent new demands have changed the dynamics of the workplace forever.

It’s clear to us that the way we interact with the workplace is going to change, with the adoption of hybrid workforces almost inevitable. This was one of the key drivers for the development and release of our latest feature…Spaces.

What is Spaces?

Spaces is the smart and flexible desk and meeting room booking add-on for Sign In App. Our latest addition to Sign In App enables our community to embrace the hybrid workforce and manage reduced site capacity by allowing staff to book desks, meetings rooms and break out areas.

With Spaces, you can recreate your workplace in a few simple steps without the need for expensive consultancy fees, or simply upload a floor plan. We strive to provide affordable tools to our community that help them manage their workplace without breaking the bank and we hope we have achieved this with Spaces. You can be up and running and booking your spaces in minutes, with a 12 month subscription of Spaces that will cost only £99.00 ($150.00) as an add on to your Sign In App subscription.

Although we do feel that Spaces is great value for money, to help our community and other organisations get back to the workplace we are offering the first 12 months subscription free of charge for anybody who activates the feature in 2021.

Spaces is available from March 16th. You can register your interest at or if you are new to Sign In App you can start your free trial from