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Several features of our website require cookies to function correctly and prevent fraud. Below you can find a breakdown of what cookies are and how we utilise them on this site. Non-essential cookies can be turned off using the controls provided.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files saved by your browser or mobile devices when visiting certain websites. These files allow websites to remember your preferences and details and can be provided by the site you are visiting or a third party. Many cookies have expiry dates upon which they will automatically be removed from your device, however some may be persistent depending on the reason for their creation.

Essential cookies

These cookies are vital to provide a safe and smooth experience on our website. These will usually be set in response to an action you take or required for fraud detection. This cookie type cannot be turned off on our system, however you can use you browser settings to prevent their use. This may have serious effects to your browsing experience and some pages or services may become unavailable to you.

Analytics cookies

Analytics cookies allow us to improve our site and services by collecting details on your browsing experience. These are implemented through a third-party analytics package. The information helps us improve the website structure, design, content and functions.

Marketing cookies

These cookies may be set by advertising or social media partners. These cookies may be used to help monitor how successful our marketing campaigns are, including building a profile of your or your browsing habits to improve future campaigns or provide targeted advertising to you on other websites.

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