Venton Ltd

Name: Venton Ltd
Industry: Conference Centre and Accountancy
Location: UK
Number of sites using Sign In App: 1

Venton Ltd is a Conference Centre and Accountancy practice based in the heart of Cornwall, UK. It delivers high tech, quality meeting spaces and can accommodate audiences anywhere from 10 – 120 people, with their four meeting spaces able to be adapted to all needs. Venton’s accountancy practice offers comprehensive accounts management, payroll, bookkeeping and VAT services.

Over recent years, Venton has grown rapidly and they required a more professional and tech savvy solution to match the space and deliver on their clients’ expectations when they visit the centre; this is what led them to Sign In App.

We recently caught up with Sophie, Venton’s Conference Centre Manager, to see how they’ve been getting on so far.

What system did you use for visitor management before Sign In App?

Our previous system was a traditional sign in sheet and although this was sufficient in the early stages, with more and more large scale events being held at the venue, Sign In App seemed an obvious choice.

Why did you choose Sign In App?

I had previously supported a team who introduced Sign In App to their reception and was amazed at how simple it was to set up, and how intuitive it is to use. The back end set up is also very easy to navigate and I remember the customer support being excellent, so it was an obvious choice after joining Venton, to approach Sign In App.

What’s your experience been like with the Sign In App team?

The Sign In App team have been really helpful and the whole process has been really easy. Response times to questions has been quick and when we have had an issue, it’s been resolved very quickly.

Which features have you made particular use of?

Generally we use the daily sign in system and we are planning on using the pre-registration feature as we start to see more large events return after the summer holidays. We have been able to use the Companion App with staff, set the system up as a site and manage the evacuation procedure, so we know we always have an up-to-date evacuation list in the event of an emergency.

How has Sign In App added value/improved processes in your organisation?

It has greatly supported the first impressions of our clients as they enter Venton and found the system to be very modern and impressive. It’s also been a great opportunity to talk about the new system on our social media pages.

Are you using any of our add-on solutions or integrations?

We are currently in the process of implementing Sign In Scheduling, into our website as we have found that although the current booking system was sufficient, we needed a customizable system that was designed for bookings, where clients can see availability in real time. We also wanted to streamline the process for not only the client but for the team at Venton so that admin time is reduced. So far, this process has been really positive and we are looking forward to integrating the platform very soon.

Would you recommend Sign In App to other organisations?


Learn more about Venton Ltd here. Or, if you’re ready to start streamlining your visitor management process like Venton has, start a no-obligation 15 day free trial here.