5 benefits of desk booking software

Desk booking software has been on the rise for quite a while now; we actually wrote a blog about it recently which you can read here if you missed it. It’s become particularly popular in recent months as organisations in all types of industries look to embrace new ways of working, manage office capacity and comply with various regulations. In addition to this, since the pandemic many organisations have been looking for ways to become more efficient and desk booking software lends itself well to this.

If you’ve been toying with the idea of investing in a desk or meeting room booking system for your organisation, below are just five of the top benefits of desk booking software which will hopefully help you with your decision making.

Benefit 1: Better use of space

Making better use of office space is one of the things business owners turn to when looking to become more efficient. Bringing a hot desking policy to your organisation by introducing desk booking software encourages employees to use other areas of your workplace rather than sitting at the same desk which can help to make use of space that often doesn’t get used. It can also give you an idea of what areas are or are not being used so you can either provide more desk space or use a space in an alternative way such as introducing a new breakout area.

Benefit 2: More flexibility

Desk booking software makes it easier to embrace new trends such as hot desking and hybrid working, ultimately providing you and your employees with more flexibility with where everyone works. Not being tied down to one desk or area of the office also gives colleagues the flexibility to choose who they want to work beside when they’re in the office which can improve collaboration - leading us on nicely to our next point.

Benefit 3: Increased collaboration/productivity

By being able to choose a different desk space each time they’re in the office, colleagues can change who they’re sat beside depending on their tasks or any projects they might be working on so that they can bounce ideas off people that are not in their usual team - increasing collaboration across the company. Further to this, it also allows employees to work where they feel most productive and can get the most out of their day.

Benefit 4: Less interruptions

How often do your meetings get interrupted by someone checking to see if the room is occupied or how much longer you’re going to be? Introducing a desk booking system enables you to book out a space in advance, setting the period of time you’re going to be using it for; so your colleagues can check whether a space has been booked and find an alternative instead of interrupting a current meeting. Again, adding to that overall goal of becoming a more efficient company.

Benefit 5: Comply with guidance/regulations

Despite government regulations easing compared to previous months, concepts such as social distancing and limiting occupancy are still going to be around for some time. Implementing a desk booking system in your organisation enables you to easily comply with guidance. By gaining insights into what spaces are not being used, you may be able to remove desks to create more space between areas. Some desk booking software will also allow you to mark certain desks as unavailable so that you can comply with guidance without physically removing desks. You may also be able to add a buffer time onto meeting room bookings to allow more time to clean down the room at the end of a meeting.

Desk booking software is a win-win for everyone involved - it can benefit both employers and employees. If you’d like to try out a desk or meeting room booking solution, why not give Spaces by Sign In App a go?

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