Streamline your lobby experience with a visitor management app and custom translations

In an increasingly globalised world, it’s becoming even more common for businesses and organisations to welcome visitors from different parts of the globe. As a result of this, effective communication and seamless visitor management processes are vital to create a positive impression and ensure a smooth experience for everyone. One way to enhance these processes is by utilising a visitor management app with enhanced translations features in your lobby. In this week’s blog, we dive deeper into the advantages of implementing a multilingual visitor management app and how it can benefit both visitors and businesses.

Minimise language barriers

Language barriers can be a significant obstacle when welcoming international visitors. By implementing a visitor management app which offers translation features, you can overcome these hurdles and facilitate effective communication and streamline the sign in process for your guests. Utilising a visitor management app can provide instant translations of important site information, policies, and more, ensuring that visitors, regardless of their native language, can easily understand and follow the required procedures.

Be more inclusive

A visitor management app with translations offers a more inclusive and accommodating experience for both visitors and employees. By providing information in their preferred language, you create a welcoming atmosphere and make them feel valued. It helps eliminate confusion, minimises the potential for misunderstandings, and ensures visitors and employees have a smooth and enjoyable experience when signing in.

Streamline the sign in process

Traditional manual check-in processes can be time-consuming and prone to errors. A visitor management app already streamlines the sign in process by enabling both visitors and employees to quickly and easily register themselves. But an app that has added translation features makes that process even easier and reduces the need for staff intervention, further streamlining the check-in process and allowing employees such as receptionists to focus on other important tasks.

Improve safety and security

Visitor management goes beyond providing a pleasant experience - it also plays a crucial role in maintaining safety and security within your premises. A visitor management app can improve safety and security measures by digitally recording visitor information, capturing photos, automatically storing signed policies & agreements and printing visitor badges with relevant details. By integrating translations into the app, you ensure that important safety and security instructions and guidelines are understood by all visitors, reducing the risk of safety incidents and security breaches caused by language barriers.

Leave a great impression

A visitor management app can be customised to align with your organisation's branding, creating a consistent and professional image. By personalising the app and communicating to your visitors in their native language you can leave a lasting impression and reinforce your organisation's commitment to welcoming visitors from around the globe.

If you’re looking to make the overall visitor experience in your organisation more efficient and create a welcoming and secure environment that caters to the diverse needs of our increasingly global community, it’s time to start embracing technology and look at implementing a visitor management app with translation options in your organisation.

Sign In App offers a range of translation features including product localisation and custom translations to enable you to offer a truly end-to-end multilingual sign in experience. Learn more here or get in touch with the team to discuss further. Alternatively, if you’re ready to get started you can start a 15 day free trial here.