5 ways visitor management improves security

The safety and security of your staff and visitors should be up there with one of your top priorities as a business. With the advancements in technology nowadays, improving your workplace security is a whole lot easier, particularly thanks to visitor management apps. Below are 5 ways that a visitor management app can help to improve workplace security.

Evacuation lists

Evacuation lists save lives! Whether it’s a fire drill or a real-life emergency, it’s vital to have an accurate evacuation list of everyone in the building, whether it be visitors or staff. It’s also just as important to be able to access this list from wherever you are during an emergency. With a visitor management app, there is no need to print your evacuation lists as you’ll be able to access your list from a smartphone or any internet-connected device and see exactly who is in the building.


Using a visitor management app allows you to receive notifications via SMS or email when a visitor arrives. Photos can also be included alongside notifications so that if you haven’t met someone before, you can put a face to the name before meeting with them.

Signing policies and NDAs

If you need your visitors to sign policies or non-disclosure agreements such as health & safety notices and privacy policies, a visitor management app makes the process a lot easier. Choose different policies to show up when a visitor signs in and prompt them to make an action such as ticking a box or signing their name on the screen. You should also be able to share updated terms and policies with your staff members.

Visitor photos and badges

Visitor photos are a great way to improve safety and security in your workplace. A visitor management app can take a photo of your visitor and store it with their data in a secure online portal. The photo can be also be added to email notifications and printed on visitor badges for visitors to wear when walking around your site.

Secure data

Visitor management apps are cloud-based solutions which ensure that your data is regularly backed up so that it doesn’t get lost if an incident occurred. You can also control how long data is kept for by setting an automatic data retention period - a great addition to help your business comply with GDPR.

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