Key visitor management system features for manufacturing

Two men in high-vis vests with hard hats on in a manufacturing facility

Manufacturing is among the most stringently regulated industries. There are many compliance policies to manage, with some of the most important related to minimising risks associated with the safety and security of manufacturing facilities and employees. 

Over the last few years, Visitor Management Systems (VMS) have increased in popularity across various sub sectors of manufacturing, with 84% of companies seeing an increase in operational efficiency with the use of a VMS and 76% of users experiencing an increase in efficiency when signing in individuals. A robust VMS helps manufacturing companies with compliance, risk mitigation and improved security through streamlined facility access for the visitor & employee sign in/out process, creating transparency around who is working and where. 

Below are some of the most crucial VMS features manufacturing organisations leverage throughout their facilities.

Touchless check in options

Make the check in and check out process quick and easy for visitors and employees. Many VMS these days offer contactless sign in options such as QR code check-in, RFID badge scanning and mobile sign in options.

Visitor pre-registration

Pre-registering visitors allows you to pre-populate details and share important site information such as health & safety notices before they arrive on-site, reducing wait times and administrative workload. Pre-registration enables you to plan ahead and know exactly who is approved to be on-site each day.

Real-time tracking and monitoring

Knowing who is on-site at any given time is crucial for security and operational efficiency. A visitor management system provides real-time tracking of who is on site. If using your VMS for employee sign in too, you can see exactly who is in your manufacturing facility at one time and access an accurate list in the case of an emergency.

Host notifications and block list

Automated host notifications ensure that the relevant employees are informed about visitor arrivals. To enhance security, you may also wish to manage a block list to prevent further entry to individuals that don’t comply with your site’s requirements. When a visitor checks-in, if their response to a custom field does not fit your requirements, they’ll be presented with a screen to say their sign in has been denied and a relevant host can be notified for further action.

Customisable visitor badges

Visitor badges play a key role in identifying and differentiating between various types of visitors, for example a contractor. A VMS can automate the badge process, automatically printing a pass when your visitor completes their check-in. Many systems allow you to customise your badge with the information you need such as company, who they’re visiting and use colour to highlight important information.

Compliance and documentation

Manufacturing facilities are obliged to comply with various regulatory requirements such as the HSW Act, OSHA and ISO standards. A visitor management system simplifies compliance management with a variety of safety features. Share important information, policies and NDAs during the check-in process and collect & store digital signatures and agreements securely. For auditing, it’s easy to access a visitor log and generate real-time reports.

Emergency evacuations

A visitor management system can be critical in the event of an emergency for ensuring the safety of everyone on-site. By signing in everyone through your VMS, be it visitors or employees, you can quickly generate an up-to-date, real-time evacuation list from any mobile devices, ensuring everyone is accounted for during drills or actual emergencies.

Deploying a visitor management system in manufacturing facilities is not just about tracking access or sign ins but enhancing overall security, compliance, and operational efficiency. Manufacturing companies utilising VMS features can ensure a safer environment for visitors, contractors and employees, and reduce the burden of compliance management on administrative staff and leadership. 

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