10 things you may not know about Sign In App

Whether you’re just doing your research on visitor management systems or you’re already in the Sign In App community and just want to learn more, we’re hoping the 10 points below will help you get to know us and the app a little bit better. So, here’s 10 things you may not about Sign In App...

1. Sign In App started as a passion project

When our co-founders, Dan and Chris, created Sign In App, it was created as a passion project alongside their main business at the time, All Things Code - a website and app development company. In 2014, there wasn’t an expectation for Sign In App to become the core focus of the business. Dan and Chris had, and still do have, an enthusiasm for user experience and technology development; developing a simple visitor management solution was something they were very passionate about. Their core focus when creating any solution is to ensure the user just gets it, with little to no need for training.

Fast forward 6 years, the passion is still here, Sign In App is now the core business focus and is one of the leading visitor management solutions worldwide.

2. Education is our fastest-growing sector

The interest in smart visitor management is growing faster and faster in the education space. Schools, colleges and universities are looking for simple systems that improve their visitor management process whilst complying with safeguarding policies and not breaking the bank. So, it’s no wonder why education is our fastest-growing overall sector.

3. We have a beta program

Do you want to be one of the first people to try out new Sign In App features? We have a beta program which is open to all of our Sign In App community. Feedback from the Sign In App community is what fuels our enhancements to current features and development of new features. The beta program allows you to have early access to new features we are testing out and provide us with feedback to help shape Sign In App. You can register for the programme here.

4. Up to 20 totally customisable groups

Do you have various different types of visitors entering your organisation? Using the online portal, you can create up to 20 visitor groups which are completely customisable. These groups can be created as standard visitors or repeat visitors. A standard visitor is a guest to your site; a repeat visitor is someone who regularly visits your site. Each of these groups can gather individual information along with having totally unique agreements; Sign In App can streamline the most complex registration processes.

5. We don’t just sign humans in each day

Bernie, the office dog

Photo of the Bernie, one of the Sign In App office dogs We have numerous customers that do not actually use Sign In App to just sign in their human visitors. That’s right, we also have furry friends signing in each day for doggy daycare or their monthly groom. Sign In App HQ has two dogs on their staff list, Hiro and Bernie; we wonder how many others in the Sign In App community also have their office dogs in their staff list?

6. Unlimited questions on sign in

With unlimited custom fields available in Sign In App, you can collect the data you need from your visitors. You can also tailor the questions you ask depending on the visitor group. Some of the questions you may ask could be:

  • Full name
  • Car registration
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Who are you visiting?
  • Have you been ill in the last 24 hours?
  • Are you DBS checked? The question options are unlimited, just like the number of questions you can ask when your visitor signs in on the app.

7. Share staff members across sites and around the world

Are you a multi-location business with staff based in various different sites across a country or even maybe around the world? Do staff members sometimes travel to other sites? Sign In App allows you to share your staff list across your different sites around the globe - there’s no need for multiple staff lists! You can centrally manage your staff list from the online portal, or even sync them with your Azure AD or Google Directory and keep a record of their sign in history between different sites.

8. Sign In App is constantly evolving

The team is adding new features all the time, many of these come from feedback from our Sign In App community. These new additions are all included as part of your site subscription at no extra cost. This ensures Sign In App keeps growing with your organisation and the ever-changing technology and policy requirements.

9. Footfall more than doubling year on year

Sign In App has signed in over 20 million people since its release in 2014, on a high footfall day we sign in over 115,000 people (and a few animals). On these days, over 38,000 of them are regular visitors and the others are made up of people who visit all of the time, such as staff, students and contractors.

10. Everyone hates Mondays

It seems the Monday blues are consistent across the Sign In App community! Visitor numbers drop by around 8% on Mondays, suggesting people avoid booking meetings at the start of the week or take long weekends to avoid Mondays. Visitor numbers are also lower on Fridays as everyone gets ready for the weekend!

Hopefully you’ve learnt something new about Sign In App after reading this blog. If you want to learn more or you’re interested in getting started with Sign In App in your organisation, give us a call on 0333 016 3551 or email info@signinapp.com and the team would be more than happy to help. Alternatively, start a 15-day free trial here.