How a visitor management system can help during an emergency evacuation

As an organization, there is no bigger priority than ensuring the safety of everybody on-site. In the event of an emergency, your evacuation process could save lives.

There’s two things an evacuation should be: quick and efficient. In order to achieve that, having a real-time view of everyone that has been in the building is crucial. This is where your visitor management and employee sign in processes could have a huge impact.

If speed and accuracy is what you’re looking for, it’s time to say goodbye to those paper visitor logs and introduce a digital visitor management system. Below are some of the ways a VMS can help during an emergency evacuation.

Access your evacuation list when you need it

No more printing lists or collecting manual visitor books and timesheets. With a cloud-based visitor management system, you’re able to access your evacuation list whenever and wherever you need it from any mobile device.

Account for everyone on-site

When we say everyone, we mean everyone. Visitor management systems nowadays are no longer solely for visitor sign in - many systems offer solutions for employees and contractors too. By signing in everyone via your VMS, you’ll always have access to an accurate real-time evacuation list with a centralized view of who is on site - this is particularly important in today’s flexible working world where employees may be in and out of the building at various times.

Accessing your evacuation list on a mobile device also enables you to see more information about individuals e.g. who they were visiting or what they look like (providing visitor photos has been selected) which enables you to locate individuals faster in the unlikely event that a visitor or employee hasn’t been accounted for.

Manage multiple evacuation points

For larger sites with multiple evacuation points, a VMS with shared evacuation reporting can be extremely useful. Shared evacuation reports enable you to work with colleagues and fire marshals to complete roll calls across multiple devices - creating a much more efficient process for sites with more than one evacuation point.

Reports are automatically updated across devices as soon as someone has been accounted for or marked as missing; comments can be also added and replied to in real-time which can be helpful when locating individuals that are not present.

Keep a record of previous evacuations

Some visitor management systems will not only allow you to access an evacuation list from a mobile device but also complete a timed roll call. Once complete, a PDF report will be generated and stored in your portal; you’ll be able to see a summary of who was accounted for, how long the evacuation took to complete and any comments added by participants.

Having a history of previous evacuations can be useful for auditing and by analyzing past evacuations, you can identify areas for improvement to help you streamline roll calls in the future.

If you’re looking for a visitor management system that’ll help to streamline your emergency evacuations in all the ways listed above, you’re in the right place. With Safety+ by Sign In App, you can set a new standard for efficient evacuations in your organization.

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