How we've achieved a successful remote working strategy

The past couple of weeks have thrown out a lot of hurdles for businesses, and the rest of the public, to try and jump over. With the spread of COVID-19 across the world and most recent government advice, the population is being told to “stay at home” which has led many businesses to embrace a remote working strategy.

We’re now into our second working from home week at Sign In App, and so far we’ve found our strategy to be a success. So whilst we’re all trying to adjust to a bit of a strange time, we thought we’d share with you how we’ve made remote working work for us in case any of our methods may make it easier for you.

Mobile sign in

It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t include one of our own features to help us embrace remote working. Our team developed mobile sign in with remote working in mind - it’s the perfect feature to use at this time! We’ve set up our remote site on the online portal so that the Sign In App team can sign in from their phone using the companion app, which is available on iPhone and Android. The app logs their location and the time they sign in or out, which is great for still embracing our flexible working strategy, allowing our team to choose when they work their hours.

Person using their iPhone outside with the Sign In App companion app open

Find out how to set up remote sites for mobile sign in here.

G Suite Business

We are a G Suite Business customer, so we’ve had no issues accessing our e-mail and documents while working away from the office. We can easily follow existing procedures and haven’t had to complicate any of our day to day processes which has allowed us to be able to maintain a consistent customer experience to our customers.

With G Suite Business you also get all the benefits of their enterprise features meaning we can enforce our enterprise security policies to all of our users.


Slack is a fantastic tool for collaboration. We use Slack to ask each other questions, have general chats with each other and some of the team have also been utilising the call feature to have a catch up over a cuppa throughout the day.

As well as being able to privately message colleagues, Slack also allows you to set up different channels for all sorts of group conversations. We have different channels set up for specific work conversations and also general channels where we have all the random chats we’d usually have in the barn. There’s been some eggcellent puns in there whilst talking about some of the items that have been selling out in the shops recently!

Zoom Video Communications

Zoom is great for online meetings. Last week, we had quite a few meetings booked in where we would have originally been travelling to other offices but with the government advice, we rearranged them as Zoom meetings and they were no less productive! We’ve also been using Zoom to have regular team meetings so that we don’t stay out of touch with each other and can discuss our current tasks and goals. It’s a barn tradition to have breakfast together every Friday, so we’re sticking to this and having a virtual breakfast and a catch up through Zoom - it’s not quite the same as all sitting around the picnic bench, but it’ll do for now!

We’d love to know how your business is embracing remote working and making it work for you. Are you using the same tools as us or is there something else you’re using? Let’s get the conversations going over on our socials! Send us a Tweet to @signinapp with how you’re making it work. We’re also active on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.