Visitor management system to hybrid workplace software

We could spend time analysing all of the things the last 12 month have deprived us of, but instead we’ve tried to spin it on its head and look at what positives have come from the past events here at Sign In App. Already being a solution that was evolving quickly in the visitor management space we were always releasing updates and new features monthly, but from the name “visitor management” you can see how a global pandemic and stay at home orders could hinder our business model.

The great news was that we had already made good inroads into managing employee sign in for our customers - many of whom continued to need to safely sign in to their workplace due to being essential workers. Other than contractor visits to sites, general visitors to businesses and schools stopped overnight.

So whereas twelve months ago we were a visitor management and staff sign in system, we had to continue to evolve and bring to market tools that helped our customer manage the demands they now faced in the workplace.

Here are some of the ways Sign In App can help with these current demands on the workplace:

Health screening for visitors, contractors and staff

The screening of visitors coming to site isn’t a totally new concept to the visitor management space - food production facilities have been doing it for years around the world. Recent events have seen the demand increase to more industries and now it is just common practice to be asked health screening questions whether you are a visitor or employee before entering a building. This is an area where we believe it will become more common to see this continue, with the risk of new variants and winter outbreaks a realistic threat.

Contact tracing

Another phrase that has got a lot of headlines, and again something that would be sensible or even required to continue, so is therefore vital to ensure you have a stable solution in place to manage. The important aspects here are to have a solution in place to allow you to quickly identify who has been in contact with who should there be a reported case; this could save you lots of money over making unnecessary people isolate. Another factor here is data protection and management, ensuring you have systems to automate the retention of the data as this could prevent you from getting hefty fines in the future for breaching local data privacy laws.

Access control

It’s going to be great to get back to the office to start having some face to face collaboration, but there will need to be some consideration around our facilities and leadership teams who are going to have some added responsibilities of keeping the site, employees and visitors safe. Having an intuitive system in place that allows you to be notified, or in more serious cases, blocked from coming onsite, will help you to control access, which will be really important in busy environments.

Desk booking

The sensible course of action when heading back to the workplace could be to manage the capacity. This will just reduce the risk of wiping out the whole organisation should the unthinkable happen. The concept makes sense but managing it could be a bit tricky. With our Spaces feature, we allow employees to book desks and meetings rooms directly from our smartphone app. You get the option to set occupancy levels per zone, plus the ability to disable desks or rooms which allows you to maintain social distancing.


As we mentioned above, we see managing capacity of our buildings a key element in helping maintain a safe working environment, so having the ability to easily see how many people are on site is key. Being able to then set alerts when you hit certain metrics allows you to have confidence that you are maintaining the correct levels without constantly having to manually monitor who is coming in and out of the building.

So the last 12 months have accelerated our product development. Perhaps in a direction we wouldn’t have predicted, but one that has made the solution suitable for the current and changing workplace. Now we are looking forward to welcoming visitors back to our organisations so the full suite of features can be used altogether.

If you are new to Sign In App you can try for free from; this includes Spaces which is free for 12 months if you sign up in 2021. Should you have any other questions please contact the team who are always happy to help.