Why do you need an employee sign in solution?

Employee sign in solutions have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. What was once solely used to clock hours for accounting purposes is now being used to introduce modern ways of working and improve employee wellbeing and workplace safety.

Whether your employees are on-site every day, you operate a hybrid working approach or your team is completely remote, an employee sign in solution can bring an array of benefits to your organization. From providing a seamless experience and enabling modern working policies to improving safety and streamlining reporting, below we’ve shared a few of the top reasons why you should consider investing in an employee sign in app for your organization.

Multiple ways to sign in

We talk a lot about creating a seamless sign in experience for guests by providing multiple ways to sign in but the same goes for your employees. An employee sign in app enables your team to sign in for work in a way that’s convenient to them or with a method that’s most suited to your site.

Here’s some of the ways they could sign in:

Manage a hybrid workforce

One of the major factors behind the increased popularity of employee sign in solutions is seamlessly introducing and managing modern ways of working. Hybrid working has become the norm for many industries and the ability to see when and where employees are working is vital. An employee sign in app that offers mobile sign in enables employees to sign in using their smartphone wherever they’re working. Managing multiple sites with a central employee list means they can also sign in across sites.

Many solutions for employee sign in now also offer other workplace management tools such as meeting room and desk booking which can allow you to introduce policies such as hot desking alongside hybrid working.

Improve safety & wellbeing

Whether your employees are working on site or remotely, their safety and wellbeing should be a top priority. With an employee sign in solution, you can add any important safety policies or questions to their sign in process, just like you would with your guests - this is also a great opportunity to ask wellbeing questions to check in on how your employees are doing, particularly if they’re frequently working remotely.

While flexible and hybrid working is great, it’s still vital that you know where your team is working in order to maintain employee safety and wellbeing. By having your workforce sign in and out using an employee sign in app, you’ll be able to quickly and easily get a real-time view of where your team is working.

Emergency evacuations

Not only is an employee sign in app great for being able to know where your team is working, but when they’re signing in on-site, it’ll automatically keep an up-to-date evacuation list which can be accessed immediately via a mobile device in the event of an emergency.

Quick and simple reporting

A cloud-based employee sign in solution will store all data securely in an online portal, keeping a history of sign ins, past evacuations, any policies they’ve signed and more, meaning your reports can be created at the click of a button. So whether you require a report of everyone on-site for auditing purposes, need to export timesheets for wages or want to gain insights from past evacuations, accessing and exporting reports couldn’t be easier.

Sign In App offers a range of features that can help you transform the sign in experience for your employees, allowing you to improve site safety, control access and keep a central record of agreed policies for employees and contractors. If you’d like to find out more about our employee sign in solution, get in touch with the team here . Alternatively, you can start a 15-day free trial today with no obligations here.