The flexible tools helping you to manage the modern workplace

We were recently reflecting on the last year and how much Sign In App has evolved and it dawned on us just how many new features and updates to existing features we’ve released in the last year to help organisations deal with new demands and return to their place of work, whether that’s an office, school, construction site, restaurant or other.

If you’re a regular reader of our blogs, you may have read one of our recent posts where we chatted all about how 18 months ago, we were simply a visitor management system with tools to also manage employee sign ins. Fast forward to now, our solution provides tools to sign in visitors and employees, present health and safety information, manage evacuation roll calls, collect health questionnaires, manage deliveries, book desks and meeting rooms, and more.

While we’ve touched on new releases in various blogs here and there, we thought we’d wrap it all up in one blog to share the flexible tools Sign In App offers that can help you manage the new, ever-changing modern workplace. So, here’s a quick round-up of all the new features…

Contactless sign in

Contactless sign in was something we always had in the pipeline but when the pandemic hit early last year, we recognised that the demand for this increased over night, so our development team worked their socks off to prioritise the release of this and it’s now one of our most popular features. Contactless sign in allows you to present a QR code on the homescreen of your reception iPad for guests to scan and complete the full sign in process straight from their personal smartphone. The QR code updates regularly to stay as secure as possible.

For sites where an iPad isn’t suitable or where there are multiple entrances and exits, we also released Sign In Points which are static QR codes that can be printed as posters and displayed around your site. The process works the same as contactless on the iPad and the full sign in process is supported.

Read more about contactless sign in here or check out our user guide to learn more about Sign In Points.

Health questionnaires

In a time where health and safety is the top of everyone’s priority, more industries than ever are required to collect health questions from their visitors and employees. Custom fields can be used to set up health questionnaires which can be completed at the point of sign in and all data is stored securely in your online portal. Health questionnaires can be presented on the iPad, contactless sign in and Companion app, and can be tailored to each group type.

Check out our blog here to learn more about creating health questionnaires with custom fields.


In addition to improving health and safety with questionnaires, we also made updates to our messages feature. Last year, we released V4 of our iPad app - one of our biggest updates to the app to date. One of the new features that came with that release was support for more ways to display important site and safety information, including videos, images and PDFs.

Learn more about messages here.

Max occupancy

If like us you’re easing back into the workplace by opening at a reduced capacity, our max occupancy feature can help you easily manage this. Max occupancy can be set up through the online portal at site or group level and you can also set up notifications to be sent when your occupancy has been reached.

Learn more about how to set up max occupancy for your site in our user guide here.

Desk & meeting room booking

Our most recent feature release (and possibly one of the best yet?) was Spaces. Spaces is our new desk and meeting room booking add-on. From the online editor, you can easily recreate your workplace layout or upload a floor plan, and once configured, staff members can start searching availability and booking spaces. You’re not limited to desks and meeting rooms either, Spaces can be as unique as your organisation - you may want to use it to book break out areas or parking spaces.

To help our community get back to work safely, we’re offering the Spaces add-on for free for the first 12 months if activated in 2021. After 12 months, it will be priced at £99 per site annually. Learn more about booking desks and meeting rooms with Spaces here.

Rejected sign ins

Now more than ever it’s so important to have full control over who is allowed on site which is why we released rejected sign ins. Although rejecting a sign in isn’t our usual friendly nature, we recognise that it may be required to protect the health and safety of your employees and other visitors to site. With rejected sign ins you can block a sign in depending on the response to a custom field. This is particularly useful for health screening questionnaires where certain responses mean it may be unsafe to continue any further.

Check out our user guide to learn more about how to set up rejected sign ins.

Companion app

With more of us working from home, and many organisations continuing to embrace this new way of working as we all return to work, our mobile Companion app is being used more than ever and we released version 2 of the app last year. Companion app is available on iOS and Android smartphones and is perfect for managing remote workers or providing a contactless sign in option for employees and contractors when they’re on site. The full sign in process is supported and they can also book desks and meeting rooms through the app with Spaces.

Click here to read more about Companion app.

We’re really excited to start seeing more of our community getting back to work and welcoming back visitors. If you have any questions about the features listed above or want to learn more about how Sign In App can help you manage the modern workplace, our friendly customer experience team is on hand to help. Get in touch with us via live chat, phone or email click here to find all the ways to contact us.