Case study: Bakeaway

BakeAway is a food manufacturing company that specialises in manufacturing raw pastry such as short-crust pastry, puff pastry and cookie dough products. They recently implemented Sign In App to simplify their visitor management process.

We spoke to Darren King, Head of Technical at BakeAway, to find out their experience with Sign In App.

Tell us about BakeAway

BakeAway was set up in 2011 making pastry and cookies. Serving one retailer from the start, quickly this has increased to the top 6 retailers in the UK - BakeAway was sold to Cerelia in 2016 who are a multinational business in the EU.

The site is located on a light industrial estate in Corby and employs a total workforce of over 150 staff during peak periods with about 30 on a typical production shift working 6am -2pm, 2pm – 10pm, Monday to Friday with a night hygiene deep clean operation window. The site occupies 2,523 m2. A bespoke new site is being built by the company a few miles away from the current manufacturing site with relocation taking place from Jan - Apr 2019.

Why did your previous visitor management process make you crumble?

BakeAway used a paper-based system before using Sign In App. We ran out of the sign-in sheets and the person that used to order them has now left the business, so we had to fact find to replace them.

I suggested an electronic sign-in process and the GM thought this was a great idea and asked that I investigate and source for the business.

Why did Sign In App have the perfect recipe for you?

I had used Sign In App previously. I was not the custodian of the system however I was informed it was easy to use, so thought I would contact the team and explore this for myself.

The system is very easy to use/configure for your business. In-putting names of staff is also easy as this can be transferred from an excel spreadsheet. We use the staff sign in for our fire register; using the app on our phones is also excellent for fire drills, you can just tick off the personnel present and quickly see if anyone is missing.

The visitors and contractors now sign in using this system - it is an all for one system which is excellent for our business needs. We used to use a computer in reception for contractor inductions; these have now been moved onto Sign In App.

What has the experience been like working with the Sign In App team?

The Sign In App team have been extremely helpful. As I was getting to grips with the system I made several phone calls to the team and they were more than happy to spend the time explaining how I can complete certain tasks on the system; no question was unanswered and I was made to feel that every question was valid. The team are very knowledgeable and skilled in the way they showed me how to find and complete tasks. Overall the Sign In App team are first class.

If you’d like to transform your organisation’s visitor management process like BakeAway did, get in touch with the team via email at Alternatively, start your 15 day free trial here.