Upcoming changes to support contactless sign in

Over the coming months, we’ll all be facing changes in the workplace that were simply impossible to imagine at the start of this year. With businesses and schools adapting to flexible and remote working/learning, introducing staggered shifts or limiting capacity on site, each of us will be affected one way or another.

When we consider the role of visitor management in the workplace moving forward, we reflect on the importance of contact tracing, health questionnaires and sharing critical policies and procedures. Compromising the safety of visitors and staff on site is not an option, so we must look to creative solutions.

We’ve always viewed technology and software as a great enabler, helping us to solve the challenges put in front of us in a simple and cost-effective way. As the workplace continues to evolve, so will Sign In App.

Below is a plan of some of the features we’ll be introducing to support and protect staff and visitors alike over the coming weeks.

Step 1

In our latest iPad app update (4.0.3) we’ve introduced a ‘hands free’ option for QR code scanning. It’s a simple change that allows staff and contractors to sign in and out without touching the screen. This joins our existing contactless options for repeat visitors such as Sign In App Tap (RFID) and mobile sign in using our companion app.

Step 2

Our development team is actively working on low-touch and no-touch solutions for standard walk-in visitors and pre-registered guests. In a few weeks time, visitors will be able to complete the full sign in process from their personal smartphone. This contactless solution uses any standard web browser so guests won’t need to download an app.

Step 3

It’s important to us that everyone can use contactless sign in if they wish, so in addition to standard visitors we’ll also be implementing the same solution for repeat visitors such as staff and contractors who may not have access to our companion app.

Introducing a full and secure contactless solution is the team’s main focus at the moment, but it won’t be the only feature we’ll be adding to support our community as we all continue to adapt over the coming months.

If you’d like to find out anything else about Sign In App, it’s still business as usual for us so feel free to get in touch with our friendly team! To be honest, after weeks of working from home, we’re sure the team would love to talk to anyone who isn’t an immediate family member or their cat! Give us a call on 0333 016 3551, email info@signinapp.com or jump on a live chat here.