What’s new in Sign In App

Feedback and suggestions from our growing community is a key part of what drives our development team. We’re excited to see how new industries solve problems using Sign In App and we’re committed to releasing regular enhancements that benefit all users.

We’re often asked for a list of the most recent changes to Sign In App, so we’ve created this blog post which will be kept up to date with our latest additions and enhancements. If you have suggestions for improvements, please let us know. While we can’t promise to implement every idea, we love hearing your feedback.

This month

New additions to Spaces
Spaces is the desk and meeting room booking add-on for Sign In App, designed to help you manage site capacity and enable hybrid working. Here’s a quick look at what’s new;

  • Receive booking confirmation emails when booking desks and rooms. Read more.
  • Add notes to your desk and room bookings to record useful information. Read more.
  • Set a limit to control how far in advance bookings can be made. Read more.
  • Subscribe to calendar URLs to see bookings in your favourite calendar app. Read more.

Sign In Points for multiple groups
Sign In Points are a simple and cost effective way for visitors to sign in using their smartphone. You can now generate Sign In Points that support multiple groups, removing the need to print a poster for each type of visitor. Read more

Add custom fields to generated PDFs
When a visitor agrees to your terms or policies, a PDF copy is generated and stored against their visit. This always included their name (and signature if provided) but you can now include custom fields such as ‘Company’. Read more

New data retention options
New retention options allow you to reduce the time that personal data, photos and saved documents are stored to just a single day if required. Read more

Upcoming changes to how portal users are created
To help secure and protect your data, we’ll be changing the way new portal users are created from next month. Following the change, new users will be asked to set up their own passwords when they first log in to the portal. They will do this via an email invitation, which will validate their email address. If you have any questions about this change please contact the team at support@signinapp.com

May 2021

New password policy option
You can now force portal users to reauthenticate after 30/60/90 days if required. By default this will remain ‘Never’ however you can change this option from the Manage > Password Policy section of the portal. Read more

Spaces can now be excluded from site occupancy calculations
If you have spaces (such as meeting rooms) or parking spaces that you don’t want to be included when calculating total occupancy for the site, you can now exclude these by checking the “Ignore when calculating occupancy” option. Read more

Custom subject lines for email notifications
If you use notification rules to be alerted when there’s a rejected sign in, site capacity is reached or any other reason, you can now customise the email subject to make the notification more relevant or to stand out. Read more

April 2021

New Spaces layout view
In the latest update for Sign In App Companion, we've added a new layout view when booking spaces and viewing your existing bookings. The layout view makes it much easier to find which space you've booked. Read more

Set reminders to sign in
With scheduled reminders, you can now set your own automated reminders to sign in (or out) at a time that's right for you - especially helpful when working remotely. Read more

Sign in deliveries from your phone
Sign In App can help you manage your deliveries on site and we've now made it even easier to sign in your packages. Using companion app and our smart label scanner, you can quickly sign in deliveries and notify the recipient. Read more

Set group companion app permissions
To streamline the management of your companion app users, you can now set companion app permissions for the whole group including any new members. Read more

Not forgetting...
You can now sign in pre-registered guests directly from the Today tab of your online portal. Read more

You can select which columns to export with visitor history, including hours and minutes for the first time. Read more

Our updated 'Devices' section under a site lets you silence offline alerts for individual iPads. Read more

Q1 2021

Spaces is here!
Spaces is the smart and flexible desk and meeting room booking add-on for Sign In App. Whether you're looking to embrace the hybrid workforce, re-open at reduced capacity or monitor how your desks and meeting rooms are being used, Spaces can help.

MS Teams host notifications
You can now select MS Teams as a host notification option when your guests sign in and select who they’re visiting. All you need is an Azure AD synced group. Read more

New permission levels
Location data can be sensitive information, particularly when staff members are signing in from home via Sign In App Companion. New permission options give you total control over who can access location data for sign ins. Learn more about Roles & Permissions here.

Export history across all groups
You now have the option to export History reports that include activity across all groups. After selecting a Site, simply choose the 'All' option to export everyone's sign ins. Please note - you can only include custom fields when exporting a single group.

Hide custom fields on notifications
A visitor notification provides you with all the information you need to know about a particular guest. Sometimes too much information, so we've added the ability to hide selected custom fields and the visitor photo from notification emails. For more information, click here.

Sign out notifications for hosts
As helpful as it is to know when your guests arrive, sometimes you need to make sure they've signed out at the end of their visit. Sign out notifications for hosts is an easy way to confirm your guest has signed out. Learn more

Q4 2020

Control access to site
Earlier this year we introduced notifications which could be triggered based on answers provided in custom fields. In our latest update we’ve taken this one step further and added the ability to reject sign ins at the point of entry. This feature allows you to define the criteria for those allowed on site and, more importantly, enforce this by preventing entry to site while still recording their details. Learn more

Portal user roles and permissions
With these new tools you can create your own user roles - adding or removing each permission to provide the right level of access. Each role can then be assigned to one or more users, giving you flexibility and total control for every user. Learn more

Your data, closer to home
As part of our commitment to data security and compliance, we recently introduced three new global data centres; allowing users to choose where their organisation’s visitor data is stored at rest. In addition to our London data centres, we’ve added regional hubs for the US (N. Virginia), EU (Stockholm) and Asia-Pacific (Sydney). More information

Even more notification options
With the recent enhancements around advanced filters, rejected sign ins and health questionnaires, notification rules have become an important and essential part of Sign In App. Notification emails, Slack, Teams and SMS messages can now be generated automatically when guests are pre-registered. We’ve also enabled notification rules for Events, so you can be notified when attendees sign in or out. Read more

It’s always great to see Sign In App in new languages and this month we’re pleased to introduce Russian language options across the platform.

Summer 2020

You can now copy a site’s settings when creating a new one
It’s easier than ever to set up a new site using an existing site as a template. When you create a site, you’ll be asked whether you want to start with a blank site or copy the settings from another site. All custom fields, messages and features will be copied.

When visitors or staff agree to a message, send a copy of the signed PDF to members of your team
You can already send PDF copies of agreed messages to your visitors if you take their email address during a sign in. With a recent update, you can now also send a copy to one or more of your team members. Simply toggle on “Email a copy of the agreement to the visitor” in the Message options and then add the “Additional recipients”.

For each portal user, you have the option to select which sites they can see
Prior to this change, you could select portal users to have access to a single site, or all sites. To give you more flexibility, you can select individual sites for each portal user to access. To choose which sites a portal user can see, go to Manage > Portal users and click to edit one of your users. The available sites will appear with checkboxes.

When setting up an Azure AD synced group, you have the option to exclude photos
Depending on your site and circumstances, you may not wish to show photos of your repeat group members such as staff or students. In those instances you can now opt to exclude photos from the sync process. For synced groups with photos turned off, a placeholder icon will appear instead. These options appear when creating the group.

Pre-registration emails now have a customisable subject line
In the group options for a standard visitor group, you can customise the contents of a pre-registration email to include specific instructions or information. The one part you couldn’t customise was the subject line - until now. This new option is especially useful if you would like to choose between whether the site name or account name shows in the subject.

Attach documents to pre-registration emails
In addition to customising the subject line, you can also now add attachments to your pre-registration emails. This can include important health and safety information, pre-arrival documentation or company information. As this can be customised for each visitor group, it’s easy to provide specific information for each type of visitor ahead of their arrival.

Easily see who has companion app connected
With more and more staff using companion app to sign in both on site and remotely, it’s more important than ever to know who’s successfully set the app up and is ready to sign in. We know you need tools to help manage companion app use, so we’ve started with a simple icon that shows you at-a-glance who’s got the app connected.

Set a different retention period for visitor photos
Data retention options in Sign In App allow you to quickly and easily control how long data is retained on a group by group basis. With this latest change, we’ve taken it one step further. Because we know visitor photos may be a more sensitive classification of data, we’ve added the option to set a different retention period for visitor photos, giving you more control than ever before.

Configure and enforce your password policy
Portal users have access to sensitive visitor information, so it’s important to make sure everyone has a secure password and authentication options enabled that are appropriate for your site. With this update you can now set password expiry, prevent password reuse and even enforce 2FA (Two factor authentication).

Name your notification rules
Notification rules are a powerful way to stay up to date with who’s on site. The flexibility of the advanced filters allows you to set up notifications based on the answers to questions or site occupancy as people sign in or out of site. With so many ways to use notifications, we wanted to give you a better way to organise the rules you have set up. You can now name each of your rules to help understand at a glance what each rule does.

Set up ‘greater than’ or ‘less than’ notification rules
In addition to naming rules, you can also now use ‘greater than’ or ‘less than’ logic when setting up advanced filters. Perfect for generating a notification based on a temperature field or site occupancy limit (e.g. When temperature is greater than X).

Your new Sign In App Companion is here
We’re excited to launch the second generation of our companion app for iOS and Android, redesigned from the ground up for contactless sign in, remote working, questionnaires and site safety.

  • Sign In App Companion now supports the full sign in experience, including any personal fields and custom fields you've set. This means your staff members can enter the information you need, whether on site or signing in remotely.

  • Staff signing in through companion app can now view and agree to important messages as part of the full sign in experience. This includes videos and PDF documents and can be presented on every sign in, after a period of time or only when they change.

  • The new today 'widget' lets you easily see who's signed in at a glance. Switch between sites and see totals for each group. You can also let users see this without giving them access to the full evacuation list.

  • Sign In App Companion v2 introduces a new calendar view which lets you look back at your personal sign in history. If enabled, it also keeps track of the number of hours you've been signed in each week.

  • You can now configure Sign In App Companion to automatically detect when you enter a site's geofence, prompting you to sign in through a notification, or signing you in automatically (iOS only) if you don't have custom fields or messages.

  • Improved evacuation features

  • Connect multiple accounts to one phone

  • FaceID and TouchID improvements (iOS)

  • Select your preferred language

  • Add your QR code to Apple Wallet

Introducing contactless sign in
You can now allow visitors to sign in to site using their personal smartphone, simply by scanning the secure QR code displayed on your reception iPad. Contactless sign in is available to all Sign In App subscribers at no additional cost, providing a safe and secure no-touch option for guests. Read more

Contactless badge printing
In our most recent app update, we introduced support for badge printing when using contactless sign in. It’s quick, automatic and the best part is no additional setup is required. When you scan the QR code from the iPad, it will use your group settings to print a badge using your existing connection.

Max occupancy notifications
As workplaces re-open with reduced capacity, it’s important to monitor the number of sign ins against the max occupancy for each site. We’re currently working on a number of capacity management features and the first of these is now live in occupancy notifications. By setting a site occupancy you will be notified when the number of sign ins reaches this limit. This can be configured at a group or site level.

Contactless sign in for repeat visitors
Sign In App supports a number of contactless options for repeat visitors (i.e. staff), including our companion app for iPhone and Android, Sign In App Tap for RFID access fobs and hands-free QR code scanning. For first visits, where repeat visitors may need to provide additional information and agree to important policies and safety information, you can now include a contactless sign in link with your welcome email. Read more

Spring 2020

Version 4 is here
Our app update for iPad is available now, with accessibility improvements, more customisation options than ever and loads of new features. If you want to know everything that's been added, tweaked or changed; click here or watch our launch video here. Continual evolution of the product and platform is in our DNA. As a Sign In App subscriber you’ll be used to seeing the fruits of the team’s labours each and every month. In this article we explain the thinking behind this update and our philosophy that continues to shape Sign In App. Read more